Michael Porteous

Director/Principal Consultant

Michael has 20 years’ experience managing a variety of risk types for a number of organisations internationally. He has an excellent and reliable understanding of the business, economic and cultural drivers for managing risk well (profitably and sustainably). He has the unique ability to be able to think strategically (horizontally) whilst ensuring that the detail at the lower levels (vertical) has been accurately considered and implemented. He believes that risk management needs to be simple, accurate and effective in order to be well understood, embraced and embedded into the fabric of an organisation.

Michael has developed and successfully implemented some of the first IT and Enterprise Risk Management Frameworks for large global corporates as early as 2004. His clients have included large global banks (retail and investment), insurance companies, professional service companies, IT service providers, shipping companies and manufacturing companies. He has held senior roles such as ‘Head of’, ‘Global Head of’, ‘Executive Director’ and ‘Practice Lead’ in the areas of Enterprise, Operational and IT Risk Management for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious firms. Michael has been a pioneer in risk management for many years. Having developed and implemented one of the first internet based, real-time share-trading systems in 1997, and with an educational background in economics, business and risk, he began designing, developing and promoting the requirements for, and benefits of, effective risk management well before risk management became a key regulatory requirement. In essence, he understands that without risk, there cannot be business opportunity. And, without managing risk well, these opportunities cannot be exploited.